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Conservative Women Have the Best Sex, But Why?

In recent years, there have been a number of studies conducted to work out who’s happier in bed – the Democrats or the Liberals? As it turns out, conservative women have the best sex, and here’s why.

Biology and Gender is Clear-Cut

In a world where men aren’t necessarily men, and women aren’t necessarily women, it’s natural to be confused about how your love life and sex life should now play out. While liberals love the freedom of being able to be who you want to be – even if you’re not genetically the opposite sex, conservatives have a more clear-cut response. For the majority, a man is a man, and a woman is a woman. There is no gender blurring by who you identify as being. As a result, conservative couples tend to reap the rewards of a better sex life.

Conservative women largely see muscular, toned, and “manly” men as attractive, while conservative men find feminine women beautiful. Science even backs this theory up, with Nature Journal studies concluding that traditional male/female attractions still exist and are thriving.

The Waiting Game Works

According to a Parade magazine survey involving over 1,000 married couples, sex is better for married and religious couples, as well as those who wait to move in and to have sex. In essence, the waiting game really works. Many conservative women choose to wait until marriage to have sex and then wait to move in with their significant other as well. What’s more, they are more than happy to abstain from sex in all forms until that special night on the marital bed. As most people know, waiting for something makes it all the more rewarding when you finally get it – and that includes sex.

Religious and conservative married couples, according to the same Parade survey, have better sex, longer sex, and more frequent sex. What’s more, it tends to be more fun and rewarding as well. Therefore, it’s not out of the question to say that if you have conservative values, you’ll be not so conservative in the bedroom after saying I Do.

Familiarity is Sexy

Conservative women tend to have fewer sexual partners than their counterparts. While to some women this might seem tedious, it can actually heighten the sexual experience and make it more rewarding, according to a heterosexual women’s sexual satisfaction review in 2013. In this review, scientists found that the more familiar a woman became with her significant other, the more pleasurable the sex for both parties. They found that trust and familiarity equated to high levels of satisfaction. Therefore, those women who prefer to try before they buy on several occasions may find their sexual pleasure is not as high as it could be.

Appreciate Life

As a rule of thumb, conservative women and couples, in general, are anti-abortion. They see all life as precious and are not opposed to God’s will if a child should happen to grace their lives – as long as it’s within marriage. Therefore, sex is less about panicking in case of unwanted pregnancy, and more about embracing all aspects of it. Children are a result of sex, but not a bad one. Because of this approach to life and sex, conservative women tend to have a more rewarding and satisfying sex life. They enjoy sex and reproduction in its entirety.

Commitment equals Orgasm

Research conducted at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University found that women were twice as likely to achieve orgasm with a long-time partner than with a casual hook-up. Conservative women, given their general stance on sex before marriage, were, therefore, more likely to reach orgasm.

In fact, four in five women could when they were in a committed relationship, opposed to two in five when they weren’t. The research also found that married couples were in better health, had more sex, and were far happier than singles who had regular but casual hook-ups with a number of men.

Of course, not all conservative women will have the best sex lives, and not all single women looking for casual flings will be dissatisfied with theirs. However, it’s helpful to pay attention to the research available. A happy conservative couple with a mutual attraction is more likely to benefit from regular, fun, and exciting sex – especially if they wait for marriage. What’s more, waiting both for sex and to move in together can spell a long, happy, and healthy marriage.