2 Dec

Is Weed legal in Nebraska? Nebraska Marijuana Laws


The last few years, laws pertaining to Marijuana and its use have been changing in states all across the US. In many states, buying and/or smoking cannabis has become legal. However, there are still numerous others which have not legalized Marijuana. For anyone who uses Marijuana and lives in Nebraska or plans to visit, knowing whether or not weed is legal there is crucial. The same for any relevant marijuana laws in Nebraska.

As it stands now, cannabis is illegal in Nebraska in all forms. Although some lawmakers have been trying to introduce bills to change that, they have not been successful. Nebraska’s penalties for using, possessing or selling Marijuana are not as strict as other states. But, they are still unlawful enough to get you arrested. For instance, a person found with more than a pound of cannabis can be charged with a felony. Cultivating Marijuana is also a felony in the state of Nebraska. The same felony charges are applicable for those who possess concentrates or hash in any amount. Possession of less than an ounce can be either an infraction or a misdemeanor.

When it comes to manufacturing or selling cannabis, the laws in Nebraska are very strict. It is a felony for any individual(s) caught selling or manufacturing the drug. That is regardless of the amount. When it comes to prison time, a person can get up to five years in jail for that offense and/or a fine of $25,000.

Below is a better breakdown of Nebraska laws and penalties when it comes to Marijuana.


1 oz or less (first offense) – Penalty  = Infraction. Jail Time = N/A. Maximum Fine = $ 300

1 oz or less (second offense) – Penalty  =              Misdemeanor. Jail Time = 5 days. Maximum Fine = $ 500

1 oz or less (third offense) – Penalty  =Misdemeanor. Jail Time = 7 days. Maximum Fine = $ 500

More than 1 oz – l lb – Penalty  = Misdemeanor.  Jail Time = 3 months. Maximum Fine =$ 500

More than l lb – Penalty  = Felony. Jail Time = 5 years. Maximum Fine = $ 10,000


Any amount – Penalty  =               Felony. Jail Time = 1* – 20 years. Maximum Fine = $ 25,000

To a minor within 1000 feet of a school or between 100-1000 feet of other designated areas (first offense) Felony.  Jail Time = 1* – 50 years. Maximum Fine = N/A

Subsequent offense = Felony. Jail Time = 3 years* – life. Maximum Fine = N/A

Luckily for those who want to buy, sell or use Marijuana, things look like they may change. Some lawmakers have been working diligently to bring the state of Nebraska out of prohibition. Still, until the laws are changed, buying Marijuana in Nebraska is illegal. You also cannot get any medical marijuana in Nebraska. Nonetheless, there are those who still go out and purchase it. They pay anywhere from $10 to $30 for a gram of the drug.