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2 Dec

Is Weed legal in Nebraska? Nebraska Marijuana Laws


The last few years, laws pertaining to Marijuana and its use have been changing in states all across the US. In many states, buying and/or smoking cannabis has become legal. However, there are still numerous others which have not legalized Marijuana. For anyone who uses Marijuana and lives in Nebraska or plans to visit, knowing […]

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5 Nov

The Emergence and Rise of Postmodern Conservatism

Nothing riles up classical liberals and conservatives like postmodern conservatism. They view it as skeptics believing in relativism. Additionally, a social evil which is unrestrained and cause for truths and values being universally mistrusted. Some, such as Jordan Peterson, call it outright dangerous. Others see the movement as intolerant politics led by participants labeled as […]

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4 Oct

The Political History of Nebraska


The political history of Nebraska includes a diversified tenet of political views. Back in 1862, then President Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead act into law. Doing so allowed owning a home in Nebraska legal. Under this act, Daniel Freeman became the first American to apply for land in Nebraska. His activeness in the political field […]

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