5 Nov

The Emergence and Rise of Postmodern Conservatism

Nothing riles up classical liberals and conservatives like postmodern conservatism. They view it as skeptics believing in relativism. Additionally, a social evil which is unrestrained and cause for truths and values being universally mistrusted. Some, such as Jordan Peterson, call it outright dangerous. Others see the movement as intolerant politics led by participants labeled as a mob.

The postmodern conservatism criticism comes from several angles. The consequences caused by the theoretical theories alarm them. They see it as attacks on the moral norms and beliefs. However, the issue with these critiques is where they originate from. They derive mostly from desires which are nostalgic in nature. Irrespective of the changes, they want to adhere to their particular criterion.

What many of these critics of the movement fail to recognize is the history behind such causes. From as early on as the era of Socrates, both scientists and philosophers have engaged in activities deemed critical. Had any of these great men in history listened or conformed to the demands of their detractors, their works may not be part of history. More importantly, their contributions may have never come to fruition. These opponents try to force followers to gradually and steadily weaken the spirits and beliefs of individuals. In any society where opinions are truncated or undermined, progress is impeded. More importantly, it sets the tone for other forms of restrictions.

Equally, conservatives are critical of what they see as identity politics. In their minds, they see them as people taking their opinions and personal gratifications as theoretical positions. The problem is that they fail to acknowledge the causes behind post-modern conservatism emergence in the first place. For instance, there is no denying how intellectual traditions have impacted modern radicalization. The technology of today, the internet, social and digital media are all part of that rise. In fact, they play a pivotal role in many of the changes taking place. No longer are people sitting idly by accepting the doctrines of a privileged few.

Consequently, the cat has already been led out of the bag as some would say. Whether or not others want to put it back inside is moot; or already too late. The rise is on and there is no stopping it now.